Meet Vinod

Over the last two decades, Vinod Joshi has extensively documented indigenous traditions and culture of Rajasthan, the north-western state of India and one of the most vibrant and culturally rich regions in the world.

He has devoted his life to passionate investigation of music, art and crafts of diverse local communities of − what he has mapped into − "seven cultural zones" of Rajasthan. Vinod has played a pivotal role in creating a series of pioneering heritage-based development initiatives. He has worked as Community Director of Jaipur Virasat Foundation (JVF) and Regional Festival Director of Jodhpur Rajasthan International Folk Festival (RIFF), Jodhpur.

As the CEO of Jajam Foundation, a not-for-profit organization committed to preserving and promoting Rajasthan's heritage, he is dedicated to enriching the cultural landscape.

Additionally, he has co-founded Dancing Peacock, a company focused on creating immersive cultural experiences. He has also co-founded a devotional morning music revival series Soul Connect, held at historical (often forgotten) temples in the walled city of Jaipur, one Sunday-morning-a-month.

Vinod has played a key role in conceiving and shaping over 40 regional festivals, giving a platform to more than 5000 folk artists.

Man behind
Momasar Utsav

Momasar Utsav is one of India's largest rural folk festivals. True to the philosophy of this unique and barrier-free festival, everything from design of the festival to all concerts and presentations were absolutely authentic and unalloyed. He directs this unique festival of Rajasthan’s living roots.

Creator of the
hawa mahal festival

Hawa Mahal Festival is the first-ever street festival with vibrant music, dance, shopping, food, and cultural displays at Jaipur’s iconic Hawa Mahal Street. With over 160 artists and a vehicle-free street, the festival brought Jaipur to life.

musical collaborations

He has managed numerous cross-genre musical collaborations of native folk artists with the likes of Jason Singh (UK), Marc Sinan (Germany), Pete Lockett (UK) and Thomas Eder (Switzerland).

Musical Collaborations

Much More...

Vinod has written numerous research papers and articles, and has been interviewed by publications and TV channels of international repute.

Vinod’s street documentation of built heritage and crafts & performing arts of the world renowned Pink City paved way for the city’s first heritage walk. Over the years, eminent people from across the world including Prince Charles, Minja Yang, William Dalrymple, Maharaja Gaj Singh and Mark Tully have walked with him.

For his contribution to community arts, Vinod has been felicitated with Raja Kakil Dev Award by Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II Museum Trust, Jaipur in 2014.

He completed his Masters degree in Anthropology from University of Rajasthan, during which he undertook a research on Customs, Lifestyle and Culture of Kalbelia, the snake charmer community of Rajasthan.

Vinod Joshi was born in 1966 in the Momasar Village in Bikaner district of Rajasthan where he spent the initial years of his life.

Words of Praise

I had the pleasure of working with Vinod Joshi on a documentary I wasdirecting for the BBC, about the traditional music of Rajasthan. He is immensely knowledgeable about the musical traditions of the area... deep knowledge of the history... and extremely well-liked and respected by local musicians.
Producer and Director / UK
He has spent over the last two decades, by furthering the endangered music of Rajasthan, developing valuable networks and friendships based on trust with artists throughout the region. I myself value Mr. Joshi as a man of great honor, excellent taste, deep knowledge and endless dedication.
Composer, Guitarist, Producer / Berlin
Vinod Joshi and myself have met several times over the past 15 years or so. For articles I have been doing in Songlines, I have sometimes needed photos or expertise and Vinod. The work Vinod is doing now at Momasar Utsav is important in showcasing Rajasthani music and keeping it sustainable within the region.
Writer, Film-maker, Editor-in-Chief, Songlines / UK
At a time when fame is built at lightning speed ...and when the powerof money still corrupts the art world, it is good to know that there are people like Vinod Joshi who, away from these highways of glory, restore their dignity to the cultural treasures which we inherit from our fathers and mothers.
Music Composer / France
I particularly appreciate his vision and commitment to safeguard performing arts in local community by supporting cultural diversity and empowering artists. I wholeheartedly wish him the best of luck on his future endeavors and it will be my honor to collaborate with him if the opportunity arises.
Faculty /National Museum of Ethnology / Japan
Vinod Joshi has established a wonderful rapport with artists from around the state of Rajasthan over the years. His list of contacts is unprecedented. His care in working with artists from all walks of life has built a level of trust that connects rural and urban, artist and patron with great awareness of social dynamics.
Ethnomusicologist / United Kingdom